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The Art of the Autograph

Analyzing the signatures of various baseball players as not merely scribbles, but works of art.

Strasburg’s Start Spoiled by Storen: Brewers at Nationals 7.2.13

After I attended an extremely cold Marlins at Nationals game in early April, I spent three months away from Nationals Park. As luck would have it, my cousin Justin came up from South Carolina to visit us and was more... Continue Reading →

The Art of the Autograph: Chris Coghlan and Jorge Cantú

Change can be a good thing. In the spring of 2010, when I watched the Marlins at Spring Training in Jupiter, the core group of Florida players had remained largely unchanged for the past few seasons. After the few immaculate... Continue Reading →

Scorching Snagging Succeeding Solstice: Rays at Nationals 6.21.12

A few weeks ago, I realized the next game I had penciled into the calendar was at Dodger Stadium in July as part of a family vacation. As a result, I found myself itching to go to a Nationals game,... Continue Reading →

His Name is Dan Uggla!

I thought for sure that Giancarlo Stanton would be the first to drill the centerfield sculpture at Marlins Park, and had he not overshot the behemoth with a home run three weeks ago, he would have won my contest. But... Continue Reading →

What ever happened to Scott Olsen?

If you have been following this blog for the past month or so, you might remember this post: Marlins comparisons 2006-2012 In 2006, a new class of talent emerged in the Florida Marlins. The same year, six of their rookies... Continue Reading →

Final game of the year: ball snagging, seat upgrading, and chilly weather: Marlins at Nationals 9.16.11

Nationals Park opens at 4:30 for a 7:05 start. I really wanted to get into the stadium around 5, but traffic complications hindered that mission. Due to Northern Virginia traffic, my 30-minute (when free of traffic) trip began at 4:30.... Continue Reading →

The Art of the Autograph

The world of baseball is full of fun and hubbub as well as intricate quirks that arouse excitement. One certain tradition in baseball has been lost over the years to most people. The people who hold strong to this tradition... Continue Reading →

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