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Amending for the Expos: Capping summer with baseball

It's a well-established fact that most of my family's vacations include a significant element of professional sports. More specifically, Major League Baseball. Trips in 2012 and 2014 brought me to Dodger Stadium, PETCO Park, Safeco Field, and Nat Bailey Stadium... Continue Reading →

Nats bobble to a beatdown: Mets at Nationals 5.23.16

It was hardly a traditional Beanstalk Baseball game, and the sky wept due to Paul’s new life in Cincinnati. But Ben, Jack, and I made a Monday excursion to D.C. to witness the Nationals get clobbered by the Mets. Apparently... Continue Reading →

Washington bench bests Miami bullpen: Marlins at Nationals 5.13.16

A complete lackage of lefty relievers and a trio of home runs from the Nationals sunk the Marlins in game one of the four-game weekend series at Nationals Park. While it was tough to see the Marlins go down in... Continue Reading →

Photo Gallery: Marlins at Nationals 5.13.16

The Nationals won the series opener in Washington, D.C. Friday night, 5-3. Here are some pictures from my evening at Nationals Park.

A true American story of free food and home runs: Cubs at Reds 4.23.16

It was the second annual (hopefully it's annual) installment of me asking my friend Emily to ask her mom for her company's fancy-schmancy Reds tickets...and me tagging along with an assortment of other friends for an evening full of food... Continue Reading →

Chia takes a back seat: Mounting losses overshadow promotions

I attended this game as a media member for Flyer News. The story published on FN, however, focused more on my experience in the press than the actual promotion and game. This version of the story focuses on what I... Continue Reading →

I destroyed the juju: Rockies at Nationals 8.7.15

Baseball players are very superstitious creatures. If you've ever been acquainted with a longtime baseball player, you know what I mean. If not, just know that ball players will often forego washing their socks or shaving or changing spots on the... Continue Reading →

Pressed for a Chia Pet: Diamondbacks at Nationals 8.5.15

In the spring, I did a story for Flyer News on the Jayson Werth garden gnome, and Paul Fritschner's experience arriving to the park hours early to be first in line for it. Exactly one year after the gnome-ageddon, the... Continue Reading →

Buffalo, Bombshell, Baseballs, Bros: Diamondbacks at Nationals 8.4.15

For the second time in as many nights, Paul and I ventured to Nationals Park. Tuesday we were accompanied by Jack and Ben, both of whom went to our high school. We were looking to snag during batting practice and... Continue Reading →

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