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Japanese Bobbles, American Birds Among 2017 Promotions

Gone appear to be the days of hoards of fans lining up early for the most inventive promotions in professional sports--a fad that began and ended with Paul Fritschner on August 5, 2014 at Nationals Park. Several teams tried to... Continue Reading →

My Journey Through a Mad March

Being the sports editor of a newspaper--even a student newspaper--has its perks. The name itself lets me throw myself out there as though I'm some sort of actual media professional. And even if they can see through the semblance of formality,... Continue Reading →

Heavenly View: Where to Sit at Angel Stadium

The following is a guest article written by a contributor from Good Deed Seats, which donates a portion of its profits to worldwide charities. By: Jennifer Anderson - The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are the redheaded stepchild of... Continue Reading →

Spring Is in the Air…And the Upstairs Bedroom

Yes, that title is inspired by the name of the fourth episode of the fourth season of Psych, a show you know I highly recommend. But spring is upon us! And I am tantalized constantly by Snapchats and Twitter videos of sunny baseball... Continue Reading →

To Florida for Football: A Jacksonville journey with pigskins and crustaceans

Sunny Jacksonville...the prettiest city with a terrible NFL team and the site of the college football game formerly known as the Gator Bowl. It's now the TaxSlayer Bowl, which sounds more like a breakfast cereal container decorated with the IRS's... Continue Reading →

Best Baseball Backdrops: Ballpark Rankings as of December 2016

There's nothing better during winter than thinking about summer, right? Here's the latest update of my unapologetically subjective rankings of the baseball stadiums around the country that I've actually visited. Here's how this works: If I were to attend a Major... Continue Reading →

5 Best Things This October

Ah, birth month of lovely weather, pumpkin beyond measure, and the best Marlins-less baseball this world has to offer. Last October, I wrapped up the Taylor Swift's MLB saga and predicted a very strange way that the Cubs would... Continue Reading →

We lost a great American, Jose Fernandez

Few people have ever played the game of baseball so passionately, enthusiastically, and genuinely as the late, great Jose Fernandez. I've never seen anyone else so immensely talented, yet down-to-earth and childlike as Jose. From the stories of his tumultuous... Continue Reading →

From Florida to Fame: Marlins enshrined in Cooperstown

Cooperstown, NY is a necessary pilgrimage in the life of a baseball fan, or so I am led to believe, so I was naturally buzzing about my recent opportunity to see the Baseball Hall of Fame on returning from a... Continue Reading →

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