I searched “Marlins Park” on Google yesterday and came across this logo on Wikipedia, which immediately made me recognize it as a stadium logo suitable for a commemorative baseball:

In conjunction with Rawlings, Major League Baseball issues commemorative baseballs for notable games or seasons. Every year, new logo-ed baseballs are used for both the All-Star Game and the World Series. But during baseball’s “Stadium Revolution” of the last decade, a special ball has been used commemorating the inaugural season of a new ballpark. In 2008, the Nationals used special balls the entire year. In 2009, Yankee Stadium and Citi Field had commemorative pearls, and in 2010 the Twins participated in the trend with Target Field baseballs.

The Marlins Park commemorative ball debuted on Opening Night (April 4th)

These baseballs are collectors’ items for all sorts of fans, from anyone excited about the new park to serious ballhawks looking to add to their collections.

I’ve never been to a Marlins home game, and I plan to attend a game in April. Getting my hands on a Marlins Park commemorative baseball will be a high priority. My hopes is that they will bring the balls on the road to use during BP, in which case I could snag one at Nationals Park.