Earlier this week, I was wondering how the Marlins were planning on paying for their recently-acquired free agents. The contracts of Heath Bell, Jose Reyes, and Mark Buehrle combine for just under $200 million over the next three, six, and four years respectively. It’s obvious the team wants to greatly increase their revenue with the new stadium, but how exactly does that work?

Well Marlins beat reporter Joe Frisaro helped me answer that question in his “Inbox” column: Inbox: Will Marlins make more big moves?

Basically, he said it’s everything about the new stadium that the Marlins will profit from. First and foremost, they will not have to pay the Miami Dolphins for yearly stadium use. The Marlins will get their own parking and ticket revenue, all the concession stands in the stadium will belong to the team, and the Marlins will own every bit of the advertising money they get with the new park. A big chunk of that advertising profit, Frisaro said, will come from the naming right to the new park, which is scheduled to be announced in the spring.

The new park is more than 90% complete now, and it’s looking great. There is still no confirmation from the Marlins about the rumored home run fountain, but most fans seem to think the garish structure will be included somewhere in the outfield. I’m still hoping to be there for the April 4th opening.