Well, I still wish the Marlins would have brought back the teal, but the negative hype overshadowing the Marlins new uniforms turned out to be an overreaction rooted in somewhat-false information. Bad uniforms were leaked this week:

But these ended up being far uglier than the read deal. There are not too many differences, but the differences there are make the BIGGEST difference. First of all, the main hat will be black, all black. No multicolored hats. And the orange alternate jersey in that rendering is actually bright orangy-scarlet, and looks really nice.

This will be their alternate jersey, the only one of the four jerseys to display “Marlins” across the chest. All the other jerseys: the home, away, and black alternate, will display “Miami” on the chest. Jeffery Loria explained this as being a tribute to the great and unique city of the team. Most major league teams display their mascot name on the home uniforms, and their city on the away. The new home jerseys are white with “Miami” on the front. With the home and alternate jerseys, white pants with a black pinstripe on the side will be worn.

New Miami Marlins merchandise is now available in the online shop. One of the hats is the orange color of the jersey shown above, but I do not believe that hat will actually be worn on the field. During the unveiling fashion show, only black hats were worn.

The official logo is the one that was leaked back in September, and the one on the jersey to the right. The away uniforms for the Marlins are simply gray versions of the home jerseys and pants.

Personally, I am excited about the new uniforms. I originally thought that this “new and original” look was actually just modern and ugly. But its originality, I realized, is actually for the better. Now that I have seen it on the players, I don’t think it’s that bad.

Marlins.com switched over to the Miami theme very quickly, and now I’m just waiting to see if my MLBlogs theme will change too (scratch that).

(Pictures from Marlins.com)