The countdown continues to the official birth of the Miami Marlins, and I am cherishing my (potentially) last few hours of teal. The Marlins are most certainly going to be making a push for several big name free agents this offseason, and need to be attractive for any chance of signing said players. Maybe the front office thinks circus colors will attract players looking to be part of something new. Who knows?…

Aside from the circus colors in the leaked logo, there is also a rumor of a “home run fountain” that will be installed in the new park. Many teams have home run gimmicks: the Mets’ “big apple,” Milwaukee’s mascot slide, and the Nationals’ Navy Yard fog horn. But I don’t think there’s ever been something quite like the rumored Fish Fountain:

I have no clue if “Fish Fountain” will be the name of this dazzling gizmo, but you heard it here first. If this concoction is real, whenever the Marlins hit a home run, the fish and other figures will spin around and water will flow. This fountain proposal was announced a while ago, but I decided not to put in on this blog when I first heard about it because I hoped it would just remain a proposal. Much to my dismay, however, the circular pedestal atop which this fountain appears to be sitting has been in the renderings of the new park:

Right below that Marlins “M” logo (which is not the Miami Marlins logo by the way) is the only place I can see this fountain being placed. I originally thought that area was the party pool deck area, but it looks like it is slanted. If anyone has an idea of what will definitively be placed there, please let me know.

Last point: Today, the “October Latest Leaders” came out on MLBlogs Central, and I was thrilled to find my blog in the solid  “#50” slot for most page views of all the “fan” MLBlogs. Thanks to all those who made that possible, and please continue your regular reading of this blog!