There are now just five days left until Friday, November 11, 2011, the day when the 19-year-old franchise, the Florida Marlins, change their name. On Friday at 9 p.m., the Marlins will unveil their new logo and uniforms, and the ceremony can be viewed live on The only thing I have to say is: David Samson better have been trying to trick us when he stated on his radio show that teal will not be in the new color scheme. You can tell from the hat on my pumpkin (previous post) that I am a big fan of teal, and I will not be happy if the new uniforms feature the preposterously flamboyant pastels in this garish logo:

When I go the new Marlins ballpark for the first time next April, I will be wearing some form of teal, whether it’s in the new uniforms/logo or not.